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official PARTNERS

Royal LePage.png
Since 2021, we are proud to be partners with Corneliu Dinica from the real estate agency Royal LePage - Partenaire!  Our agreement will support our young players financially in their international tournaments and the equipment necessary for their development. Corneliu's expertise is in the real estate management, commercial rentals, home sales and and home acquisition including for first-time buyers.
Renotec Inc Logo.png
We are proud partners with Renotec Inc. for the 2022-2023 season to support financially our youth academy players through different development programs and international events! They offer a variety of services in the construction and renovation industry in the Grand Montreal Area. They can be reached at or (514) 823-2411.
Logo Savi Blanc.png
Savi is our great partner in terms of training and game equipment for our players and coaches. They have excellent products and customer service! Savi started its operation in Montreal in 2007. The company’s mission, from the beginning of its operations, is to apply the principles of total quality in all spheres of its activity. Thus, at Savi, you can have your team uniforms created, or you can choose from a variety of existing designs that will meet your expectations. All textiles are developed based on the player's comfort and good looking designs.
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